Asked Questions

  • What is an activation code?

    Your ShieldX2 Case comes with an Activation Code. This is a unique set of numbers and letters that can only be used one time and only for one phone. Please note that activation codes are case sensitive. Your activation card is included in the packaging.

  • What is an IMEI?

    An International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) code is a unique 15-digit number that identifies your device.

  • How do I register my ShieldX2 Protection Promise?

    When purchasing your ShieldX2 case, there will be an activation code included in the box. Go to, and in the menu bar you will see “activate/register”. Click on this link and follow the instructions. Ensure you correctly enter the IMEI code when registering your Protection Promise.

  • If my phone breaks with the ShieldX2 case on, how do I go about getting it replaced?

    Go to, and in the menu bar you will see Replacements. Cclick this link and follow the instructions. Please note, if you failed to register your ShieldX2 case within 30 days after your purchase, you cannot make a replacement request. Assuming you have registered, follow the stated instructions. In preperation of the return, DO Not TAKE OFF THE CASE. A picture of your phone with the case on is required, so please take a few photos and attach them in the online form. The broken phone must have the case on when returning it to us. Now you will have to pay the $40.00 which is for shipping, processing, and a new case. We will place a hold on your payment provider for $700.00. This HOLD will ONLY be charged if you DO NOT RETURN THE BROKEN PHONE TO US within ten days after receiving your replacement (if there are issues with the amount of the hold, we will be more then happy to review it on a case by case basis). Make sure to backup your phone properly. You can also find the instructions provided via email. Ship your broken phone back to us in the prepaid protective package; it's that simple. Additional questions can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

  • What if the ShieldX2 case breaks or is damaged?

    If the ShieldX2 case breaks, cracks, chips, or is damaged in any way, we will replace it for $5.95 (processing and shipping). Simply log in to your account on and file a request for a replacement case. The 30-day waiting period does not apply to replacement cases. We ship our cases via United States Postal Service with an estimated delivery time of 5–7 business days. There could be additional charges for products shipped outside our standard shipping area's.

  • Do you ever deny replacement requests?

    Our team reviews all of the information provided on the request form. This includes the photos you are asked to submit to determine if the ShieldX2 case was on the phone during the incident and that the problem was not preexisting. Therefore, in some cases, if we do determine that the request does not meet out terms and conditions, we could deny you.

  • Why do I have to wait 30 days before filing a repair request?

    The 30-day wait period is a safety measure against fraudsters who buy our case with the intention of making a false repair request.

  • What if I didn’t register my case within 30 days of purchase?

    Occasionally, we make exceptions; however, we still have a 30-day waiting period after registration for any replacement requests for phones. Cases do not have the 30 day period.

  • What damages are covered with the ShieldX2 case?

    The ShieldX2 case covers your phone from the following accidental damages. Note that the case does not cover water damage, lost or stolen phones, or iPhone Signature Failures.

    • Cracked screen
    • USB socket damage
    • Home key damage
    • Headphone jack
    • No earpiece audio
    • No power
    • Microphone failure
    • Camera / flash damage
    • No charging
    • Speaker failure
    • LCD damage
    • No ringer / distorted ringer
    • Charging port failure
    • Front housing damage
    • Rear housing damage
    • Touchscreen malfunction
    • Battery contact damage
    • Sim card reader damage
    • Earphone jack damage
    • PCB warped/bent
  • Does the ShieldX2 replacement program cover refurbished devices?

    Yes, we cover refurbished devices—after the 30-day waiting period and if the device was working properly before installing the ShieldX2 case. We do not cover previously damaged phones.

  • Do I need to keep the ShieldX2 case it my phone?

    The ShieldX2 case is designed to remain on your device to protect On. You must have the ShieldX2 case on your device for us to honor your replacement request.

  • I upgraded my phone to a new model. Can I get a new ShieldX2 case?

    If you upgraded your phone, we’re happy to upgrade your ShieldX2 case. Simply visit and follow the steps to upgrade. You’ll provide us with your new IMEI number and pay $5.95 for the processing and shipping of your new case. The new phone will be eligible for the ShieldX2 replacement program for the remaining months left on your one year of replacement protection.

  • Can I renew after the one year of coverage expires?

    Yes, you will receive an email before your expiration date with instructions on how to purchase another ShieldX2 case.

  • Does the screen protector that comes with the ShieldX2 case move in any way on the screen?

    No, the tempered-glass protective cover adheres directly to the screen and will not move. If the screen protector moves, please contact customer support at or click to live chat.

  • Does the ShieldX2 work with wireless chargers?

    Yes, the ShieldX2 works with most wireless chargers.

  • If I contact you, how soon should I expect a response?

    All customer service calls and emails are responded to within 12 hours or less. Please note we do take all national holidays off, so that may add some additional time.

  • I don’t see a case for my model of phone. 

    We produce ShieldX2 cases for most Apple and Samsung phones. If your phone model is not for sale on our site, it typically means that we are not manufacturing a case for it.

  • I forgot my password. 

    Go to the log in screen and locate the “forgot passwords’ tab and just follow the instructions. Now please note that we use your email address that you registered the case with, so if you have a few deferent email accounts, it could be in one of those. Also, check your spam folder.

  • Is there a limit to the number of times I can make a repair request on my phone due to accidental damage?

    You are eligible for one (1) repair every three (3) months during the one year of coverage.

  • Can I get coverage with phone insurance thru my service provider?

    Coverage plans are available through most carriers, but they have monthly or yearly premiums. These plans can have deductibles starting at $150 and typically cover just one accident per year. Most plans do not cover used phones, so you have to get it at time of purchase.

  • What type of replacement phone do I get?

    We will never downgrade your phone. If we do not have your exact model in stock, we will call you and tell you what is available, this could occur primarily with the colors of the phones. Most of the replacement phones will be grade A or new.

  • What happens if I do not receive an activation card in my package?

    Sometimes accidents can happen, simply reach out to our support (, or live chat and tell them the issue. They will request a copy of your receipt or order # and at that point after verifying everything, issue you another activation code.

  • I am getting bubbles, or a corner is lifting up from my temper glass.

    Don't panic that means the glass is not lined up correctly. You can lift the glass up again CAREFULLY, not touching the glue or get dust on it, and try to let it down again pushing out the bubbles. Remember when you install it you are putting the top piece of the case on first, using that as your guide (most models) You may also take off the top case and then smooth out the bubbles, then put the top piece of the case back on. If none of those work, and we will get you out another one and walk you thru it on the phone.

  • My ShieldX2 has not arrived?

    You should receive an email with tracking information that your ShieldX2 has shipped (check your spam folder). Typically your ShieldX2 will arrive within 5 to 7 days via the USPO.

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