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How do I register my ShieldX2 Protection Promise? 

If you purchase ShieldX2 at a retail store, the activation code will be included in the box. If you purchase the ShieldX2 case online, you do not need an activation code because it has already been registered with your online purchase. You will still need to input the IMEI code within 30 days of the purchase to register your Protection Promise. For instructions to assist you in finding your IMEI code, please see below. 


If my phone breaks with the ShieldX2 case on, how do I go about getting it repaired? 

Once you have filled out the online Request a Repair form and have paid the Processing Post and Packaging fee, must be paid before your repair will be processed. Follow the instructions in the Terms and Conditions and make sure to backup your phone properly. You can also find the instructions provided via email. Ship your phone in a protective package with the shipping label you will receive upon completing the Request a Repair form. Once we receive your device we will repair or replace it. 


How easy is it to remove the ShieldX2 case and do I need to keep it on? 

The ShieldX2 case is designed to remain on your device as long as you need it. You must have the ShieldX2 case on your device for us to honor your repair request under our Protection Promise. 


What if the ShieldX2 case breaks or is damaged? 

If the ShieldX2 case breaks, cracks, or chips, you can return it for a replacement device, just pay the Post and Packaging fee of $5.95. Please go to the Request a Repair page on our website and select the dropdown "Broken Case". Follow the instructions and we will send out your replacement. It is as simple as that. 


Does the screen protector that comes with the ShieldX2 case move in any way on the screen? 

No, the protector adheres directly to the screen and should not move. If the screen protector does move, please contact customer support at info@shieldx2.com or click on our live chat link at the top of the web page. 


Will the Protection Promise cover my refurbished device? 

Yes, we'll cover your refurbished device.  After the 30 day waiting period and if the device was working. We do not cover past damaged phones.


Why do I have to wait 30 days before filing a repair request? 

The 30-day wait period is a safety measure against fraudsters who buy our case with the intention of making a false repair request. 


Is there a limit to the number of times I can make a repair request on my phone due to accidental damage? 

You are eligible of 1 repair every 3-months during the subscription period.


This sounds like the perfect product. How do I enroll? 

Activating your ShieldX2 is quick and easy. Simply click on the Activate Your Protection Promise link on our website and fill out the form if you bought at a retail store, if you bought online you are already activated however we still need your IMEI number. Start protecting your Smartphone today! Don’t forget your IMEI number. 


What's covered under the ShieldX2 Protection Promise? 

Your ShieldX2 case and Protection Promise covers your Smartphone from accidental damage such as a: screen crack, mechanical failures and more. Terms and Conditions apply. 


Does my Smartphone already have a warranty program? 

Most device manufactures have the option of a one-year manufacturer warranty. However, those programs will only cover manufacturer breakdowns and will not protect your device from physical damage. Did you know that 85% of the repair requests for Smartphones are from physical damage? With ShieldX2, you're covered! 


Can I get coverage with other major mobile phone providers? 

There are coverage plans available but most are costly carrying monthly or yearly premiums. These plans can have deductibles starting at $150.00 and typically cover just one accident per year. With ShieldX2 you pay substantially less! Our protective case and Protection Promise provides you with coverage that typically isn't provided under warranty plans. If your phone breaks due to an everyday drop, you experience a mechanical failure, you are covered! ShieldX2 only charges a modest administrative fee plus Post and Packaging. ShieldX2 is unique because it costs significantly less than the deductibles offered by other plans and includes a sleek case designed to withstand everyday accidents. 


Someone told me that my homeowner's policy would cover my Smartphone. Is this true? 

It depends. Not all homeowner's policies are the same. If your homeowner's policy does cover your Smartphone, their deductibles are generally high (typically over $1,000). You can always ask your insurance agent for the specifics of your policy. 


Can I renew my Protection Promise after the subscription expires? 

Yes, you will receive an email before your expiration date with instructions on how to purchase another subscription and receive your additional cases. 


Do I receive a replacement device or do you repair my broken phone? 

Typically, we repair your phone; however, in some cases, we will replace your device. Exact color matches depend on availability. 


What is an IMEI? 

An IMEI code is a unique number that identifies your device. Every mobile phone has a unique 15 digit IMEI number. If you're not sure how to find your phone's IMEI number, refer to your or alternatively go to the settings. From there, look for "general", or "about", and then scroll down to find your IMEI number. You may also find the IMEI number under or below the battery, or on the back or bottom of the device. 


What is an activation code? 

An activation code is included in your ShieldX2 case if purchased outside of our website and bought at a retail partner of ours. This is a unique number related to the case and is used to register your Protection Promise. You do not need an activation code if you purchased your ShieldX2 case from our website. Please note that activation codes are case sensitive.


Does it work with wireless charger? 

Yes we do