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ShieldX2, more than just a phone case.

A transparent Phone case that preserve and enhance the original phone design. Thin and sleek, you can barely tell that is in your phone.

ShieldX2 case is available for new and old phones (waiting period applies for older used phones)..

Our patent pending designs and shock absorbing material protects your phone against everyday drops. We use 9H tempered glass that protects your screen and enhances its brightness. For phone models with curved glass screens, we have created a uniquely formulated patent pending multi-layer PET film.

Our Promise

We’re so confident in our phone case, if your phone breaks while your ShieldX2 case is on, we will repair or replace your phone.

Every ShieldX2 case comes with our 3, 6 or 12 month Protection Promise Plan which includes covering your phone from accidental damages and much more....

Look what we cover

24/7 Complete protection for your phone.

ShieldX2 protections promises cover against all of these accidental damages.

Cracked screen

Headphone jack

No Power

Microphone failure

Key missing

Ear Jack damage

PCB warped / bent

SD card reader damage

Burn PCB

No ringer / distorted ringer

Camera / Flash damage

USB socket damage

Home Key damage

No earpiece audio

No mic audio

No charging

Speaker failure

LCD damage

Charging port failure

Front housing damage

Rear housing damage

Touchscreen malfunction

Battery contact damage

Sim Card reader damage

The customer journey

How to activate your protection promise plan.


If you purchased online, you are automatically activated, however you must enter your IMEI number; the activation code is only necessary if you purchase at retail, in that case, follow the included instructions.


We must have your IMEI number that is associated to the registered phone on file, click here for further instructions on how to find your IMEI number, and enter it into your account.


It is not possible to request a repair for 30 days on old phones, new phones has immediate coverage, but evidence of being new is required. See terms and conditions. Certain restrictions apply.

How it works

As simple as 1,2,3.

Request a repair by logging into your account and filling out the form.

You will receive instructions on how to send your phone back.

Within 72 hours you have your repaired phone back.

In case you need a repair


Login to www.ShieldX2.com/request-a-repair/ and follow the simple instructions and pay $25 fee plus $15.00 post and packaging.


Within 72 hours you will have your repaired phone back.

Video instructions.