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How to choose the best smartphone case

How often do you drop your phone?

We all like to think we have a steady grip, but dropped phones are probably the most common reason for breakages. Many people have had to face the dilemma of dropping their phones and cracking the casing or screen. And one study found that about 20 percent of people have dropped their phones in the toilet (hopefully after they’ve flushed)! If you’re someone who is regularly dropping your phone, whether it’s once or twice a year or as much as once or twice a week, a smartphone case that’s made of shock-absorbing materials is a must-have.

How long can you be without your phone?

Depending on the damage a dropped smartphone has incurred, it may take a day or even several weeks to get it repaired. This can vary greatly, depending on your phone, availability of parts, if it’s under warranty still, etc. Most of us rely on our smartphones every day, so getting your phone fixed or replaced quickly is probably high on your priority list. However, most smartphone cases don’t come with a phone insurance that will replace your phone. But ShieldX2 does.

How often do you upgrade your smartphone?

As mentioned above, your smartphone is an investment. As such, it’s important for your phone to maintain its lifetime value, especially if you’re someone who likes to always have the latest model. If that sounds like you, then you want a case that will help you maintain your device’s lifetime value. A good case does more than just protect your phone from damage. It will keep it in pristine condition so that when you go to trade it in, you get the most value back possible.

Looking for a new smartphone case that offers free phone replacement if your phone breaks? You’ve come to the right place. Check out our cases fShieldX2 cases for iPhone or Samsung.

Use a ShieldX2 and You Won’t Need to Replace Phone

Use a ShieldX2 and You Won’t Need to Replace Phone

When it comes to life’s aggravations, nothing quite compares to the finger-twitching exasperation of waiting for a replacement phone to arrive in the mail. It’s worse than getting the Sunday Times edition on Monday. Far worse than having your girlfriend’s mother friend-request you on Facebook. And – do we dare say it? – Even more frustrating than seeing everyone’s luggage arrive at baggage claim except yours.   A few hours without your phone and you realize just how deep your dependency is … when was the last time you checked Instagram on a laptop before that dreary day? What about check your email or login to Twitter?   The one problem all smartphone users share – iPhoners, Samsungites, Androidians – is the potential to crack a phone screen at an inopportune time. Every step you take is the chance to drop your phone. And with every drop you make, you are never quite sure what to expect when you lift up that phone and turn it over.   Should we talk about water damage, everyone? It’s only not covered by any insurance policy that matters  ­­–– it happens to everyone! Whether your server dribbles water on it during lunch or you drop your own phone in the pool, water damage is inevitable. The problem with that is how often you need to order a replacement for $200 from your provider.   When your phone is unprotected, you risk needing to order a replacement device at any time. Using a ShieldX2 will reduce that aggravation to a bare minimum. Designed as a unique two-piece phone case – a front screen protector that fits perfectly on your screen and thin back case that is so thin and transparent that you do not know it’s on your phone and this case absorbs everyday drops and bangs – ShieldX2 is made to absorb the impact of a direct hit from a hammer. It’s so dependably strong, that if any damage occurs to your smartphone or tablet while wearing ShieldX2, you will receive a replacement or repair for only $25 processing fee. It’s not just a phone case –– ShieldX2plus is also a protection policy.
Screen Protectors Have a Bad Reputation

Screen Protectors Have a Bad Reputation

Every smartphone or tablet purchase is an exciting one. More likely than not, you have been analyzing its capabilities for weeks and reading online reviews. Just as important as its megapixels, is a phone’s sleek aesthetic. We are all looking for a sexy tech accessory. A phone that represents our style, and most importantly, lifestyle. Whether you are in finance, are a musician or student in college, your phone is generally the most important part of your wardrobe. After spending days selecting the right one and calculating the costs, the last thing you want to do now is hide that beauty. More often than not, smartphone users do not use screen protectors. Their reasoning is understandable, and are due to the poor reputations of phone covers. Common complaints are: Screen protectors rarely fit well, leaving plastic spilling over the edges, or worse, leaving whole spaces unprotected. The touch screen capabilities are compromised. No longer can you neatly swipe across the screen and get your command instantly recognized. The bright, vivid screen is now a dull shadow of its true self. Many screen protectors on the market darken the screen of a smartphone or tablet. Screen protectors don’t work. After investing in one with “good reviews,” two drops later and your screen is shattered. Phone cases are bulky and ugly. The thin ones don’t offer much protection from a drop, while the ones that protect the most are huge and don’t fit easily into a purse – much less pants pocket. If you have found yourself a victim of untrue advertising, then you will find yourself nodding in agreement. Fortunately, smartphone users can take advantage of the ShieldX2 – a truly remarkable screen protector/phone case. It’s considered a two-part phone protector, and is designed to absorb the total impact of a drop or fall. A ShieldX2 will take the cracks and ugly beatings so your device can remain perfectly intact. What you’ll love the most about it? It’s nearly invisible. The screen protector is thin and cut to the exact measurements of your phone’s touch screen. Not to mention, the screen’s colors are just as vivid and there is no reduction to the touchscreen’s sensors. Even better is that the ShieldX2plus is more than a screen cover, it’s a protection policy. If any damage does occur while wearing ShieldX2 – water damage, cracked screen, broken charging port, etc. – you will receive repairs or a replacement device for only $25.